Greetings and Salutations

Changes to Luxury Home Builder

February 01, 2001

There have been several changes made since we relaunched as Luxury Home Builder last year, and I’m sure you’ve noticed many of them. A complete redesign to go with the new name, a columnist and a new section in the front of the book are the most noticeable and obvious. We will continue to change, as is necessary in these heady times. But some
things will remain as they have always been.

When we first began to overhaul this magazine, you told us that you want us to show more than tell. We will continue to utilize photography to not only capture the grandeur of some of the best high-end housing product in the nation, but also to highlight the details and elements that hook buyers. Of course, pictures cannot tell the entire story, so Ann Matesi will continue to isolate and flesh out those all-important aspects in her project profiles.

Luxury and custom builders have also told us that they are constantly looking for tips and expert guidance in the actual operations of their business, which is why we began the Tutorial. Last year, Tom Stephani provided invaluable insight and information aimed at making our readers’ businesses more streamlined, efficient and profitable. Now, John Barrows will take up where Tom left off, but his insight will center more on incorporating Internet and computer technology into your marketing, scheduling and operations - another area where you asked us for more information.

More tips can be found in the Details section, our new front-of-the-book section that debuted two issues ago. This is a place for those things that sometimes go unnoticed when profiling an entire project; a unique solution to a common problem, an ingenious and finely crafted detail, a new service aimed at making your business more profitable or any snippet of information that builders find useful.

One change that you would have no real way of noticing is the staffing here at LHB. You see, for the last two years, the entire staff of Professional Builder (our parent magazine) has been splitting their time, working to produce both books. It has been a challenge, it has been hectic and it has been rewarding, but we all knew we couldn’t do it forever. A magazine is similar to a job site in that respect... it needs a project superintendent.

In this, my first letter to you, I offer my greetings and ask for yours in return. Let me know what you’re building, tell me where your concerns lie, ask me for information, give me your input or just call to introduce yourself. I can be reached at 207/338-0712 or at

I look forward to hearing from you.

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