Perfect Roof Pitch

Here are six roofing design ideas you can use for inspiration.

July 01, 2007

Gables upon gables, misplaced dormers and disproportional pitches are only some of the design flaws marring American homes today. The homes below work because their rooflines follow a few simple principles of balance, proportion and scale.

1. Cottage Cue

Although asymmetrical, this Palo Alto, Calif., cottage works in part because of the matching windows and repeated steep gable roofs that focus attention on the entry.

2. Going Greek 

True to form, this Greek Revival beauty is defined by its columns, impressive portico and low-hipped roof.

3. Bungalow Beauty 

This custom bungalow in Chicago welcomes visitors with a Dutch gable parallel — rather than perpendicular — to the street. The shed roof creates a well-integrated, sheltering porch.

4. All in the Hips 

A hipped roof sits atop this almost symmetrical Colonial Revival home, with dual dormers, chimneys and columns. To complete the effect, both wings have pyramidal hipped roofs.

5. Cantilevered Creation 

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Style, this home uses broad overhanging and cantilevered roof structures to evoke a truly American architectural approach. The result of the series of very low-pitch roofs is a strong feeling of protection.

6. Downward Pitch 

The main roof pitch flows downward to form this beach house's expansive porch covering. Dormers on either side break up the roof mass.

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