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Meeting in person is key to custom builders’ client relationships, but using virtual meeting tools during the pandemic has Its benefits


Large triple-pane windows on the south side of this net-zero certified Passive House in Halifax allow for lake views and maximum sun for heating. On the north, street-facing side, fewer and smaller windows make the home more efficient (Photos: Elemental Photography).


There's nothing passive about Natalie Leonard's drive to build sustainable affordable Passive homes

How-to-get-customers-to-pay-for-the-estimate-piggy-bank-house-and hand-calculator

A preconstruction process that convinces potential clients to pay for estimating is less about contract language and more about beginning a relationship


A kitchen display at the Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath showroom in Ashland, Va. “It’s amazing how many details there are in kitchen design,” owner Jennifer Gilmer says. “When a builder is involved in our meetings, he’s much more knowledgeable about design and installation nuances.”


Collaboration holds the key to a smoother selections process that satisfies both client and builder


Four experts explain how paying attention to cash flow can help keep builders from robbing Peter to pay Paul


Valuable insights Architect Robert Hidey gleaned over decades of residential design experience

Michael Lehrer

Michael Lehrer, FAIA


Lehrer Architects


Architect Michael Lehrer on great windows, hand-built models, and builders with high emotional intelligence

Mansion exterior green gables design & restoration

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"You never want to get to the next phase and realize somebody's not happy."


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Allowing employees to be 100% "off" when they're not at work helps ensure that they're bringing full effort to their jobs.


Research across a number of professions has shown time and again that productivity and accuracy decrease when employees aren’t given sufficient time off to recharge.


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Custom home builders talk about what they do on the front end of a project to achieve better margins


Make sure your new sustainable project receives a fair valuation


Custom home builders share how managing client expectations can eliminate drama and create a better customer experience

Top down view of Kitchen sink

True to his nature, builder Nick Schiffer immediately said, “Of course we can build a wood dish-drying rack that would drain into the sink,” then set about researching the best way to do it (Photos: Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography).



A craftsman's use of social media puts him on the map

Exterior, dusk, of hillside home in Phoenix, Ariz. by Cullum Homes

This hillside house in Phoenix built by Cullum Homes at The Estates at Paradise Reserve won Custom Home of the Year from the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona. Cullum also built the adjacent subdivision, The Village at Paradise Reserve, using a new model of unitized pricing to build out both. Photo: NCKX Photography


Two custom builders seek to improve margins: one by unitizing pricing relationships with trades, the other by pursuing a coveted homebuyer group



This Month in Custom Builder


Provides added protection against moisture and mold and allows for 
increased ventilation and drainage


The philosophy of the German Bauhaus school of art and design drives this Dallas-based custom builder

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