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Four experts explain how paying attention to cash flow can help keep builders from robbing Peter to pay Paul

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Use these tips to increase margins in 2019


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Custom home builders talk about what they do on the front end of a project to achieve better margins

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Guaranteed maximum price contracts require a true team effort and an open-book policy


Defining and articulating what is a professional in remodeling or new construction is tougher than in some other industries.


Your custom building clients come from all walks of life. But they have one thing in common: They are successful, and they have money. And more often than not, your clients are wealthy because they spend wisely.


Confidence. Such a simple word but also a word that may have more to do with your success or failure than any other.

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Cleveland mortgage settlement money going toward demolition of vacant houses


A large portion of a multibillion-dollar settlement between the state of Ohio and several large mortgage lenders will go toward demolition of foreclosed, dilapidated houses in the Cleveland area instead of struggling families as intended.

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Rising student debt hampers housing growth


A new report from Bloomberg indicates that first-time homebuyers are having difficulty securing loans thanks to student loan debt totals nearing $1 trillion.

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Obama targets refinancing, bank procedure in State of the Union address


In his first State of the Union address of 2012, President Obama briefly discussed a pair of proposals to help the housing industry this year.


FALL 2019

This Month in Custom Builder


The company also added a reversible option that gives designers a decorative fluted motif


A preconstruction process that convinces potential clients to pay for estimating is less about contract language and more about beginning a relationship

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