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<h1>Financials</h1><p class="vocab-desc">Business financials advice, reports, and trends for professional home builders and remodelers. </p>

Cash Isn't Just King, It's Your Lifeline

Four experts explain how paying attention to cash flow can help keep builders from robbing Peter to pay Paul

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Mortgage applications tumble as interest rates climb

Rates on home mortgages climbed this past week, causing mortgage applications to plummet, according to HousingPredictor.com. The average rate on a fixed 30-year mortgage climbed to 4.46 percent, showing that the foreclosure moratoriums enacted by major lenders are affecting the housing market.


Real-estate price cuts hit 18-month high

For the second straight month, a record number of home sellers have cut the price on their house at least once. As of Nov. 1, 27 percent of sellers had lowered the asking price, the highest number in 18 months. In several cities, those numbers were even higher.


6 markets positioned for recovery in 2011

Most experts agree that very few housing markets will experience a full recovery in 2011, but HousingPredictor said six cities, including Denver, Fargo, N.D., and Washington, D.C., should make solid gains next year.


Stagnant economy fuels market for reverse mortgages

As the economy continues to tread water, the number and popularity of reverse mortgages has skyrocketed 166% over the past few years. The mortgages have been especially popular among older, cash-strapped homeowners. Part of the surge is due lower upfront origination and service fees, since lenders are desperate for new business.


4 tips for strategic planning in today's market

The mid-term elections are over, but there are still several issues that will have a real impact on home builders. Here are four points for strategic perspective that John Burns Real Estate Consulting says will influence business planning in 2011 and beyond.


Homes Lost To Foreclosure Jump 25 Percent in August To Recession Record

August is one for the books, as mortgage lenders repossessed more homes in August than in any month since the start of the housing crisis. According to foreclosure listing firm RealtyTrac Inc., the rise occurred as the number of properties entering the foreclosure process slowed for the seventh consecutive month. Banks repossessed 95,364 properties in August, up 3 percent from July and an increase of 25 percent from August 2009.


70 Percent of Americans Surveyed Tell Fannie Mae It's a Good Time To Buy a Home

Almost three quarters of Americans give home buying the thumbs up, from 64 percent in a Fannie Mae survey conducted in January.


Master the paperwork: What builders need to file to get financing

What kind of information do the investors need to see from you before they're willing to discuss putting up their cash? For starters, your company's current financial statement and most recent tax return, says Maggie Marotta, principal at Plano, Texas-based Apogee Partners. Marotta offers tips on getting your foot in the door for project financing.


Major Bank Analysts Bearish on Housing Recovery

Analysts have lowered estimates for a recovery in the housing market between next year and 2014.


Stimulus Package Q&amp;A

Professional Remodeler editor Jay Sweet answers the most common questions remodelers have about the stimulus package and tax credits.

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