Housing stimulus

Housing stimulus

A compilation of HousingZone's articles, surveys, ideas, trends, and tips on housing stimulus for residential builders, remodelers, and architects serving the residential construction industry.

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McIlwain: 3 steps to help the housing market


With the housing market in a lethargic recovery, John K. McIlwain of the Urban Land Institute offers three ways to help revive the market.

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Rising student debt hampers housing growth


A new report from Bloomberg indicates that first-time homebuyers are having difficulty securing loans thanks to student loan debt totals nearing $1 trillion.

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Obama targets refinancing, bank procedure in State of the Union address


In his first State of the Union address of 2012, President Obama briefly discussed a pair of proposals to help the housing industry this year.

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Federal mortgage loan program may fall short of goal


A federal program to provide temporary loans to homeowners struggling to pay their mortgages will probably fall short of its goal.

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Obama’s job-creation bill includes $15 for rehabilitation of vacant, foreclosed homes


President Barack Obama’s prime-time address on jobs didn’t focus much on housing, but it would create a $15 billion fund to get construction workers to rehab vacant and foreclosed homes and businesses.

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Study: tax credits had little effect on housing markets


A new paper found that the average listing of home prices rose about $8,000 the month after the first major tax credits for the same amount went into effect, and they fell by slightly less than $9,000 two months after they expired.


Almost three quarters of Americans give home buying the thumbs up, from 64 percent in a Fannie Mae survey conducted in January.


Professional Remodeler editor Jay Sweet answers the most common questions remodelers have about the stimulus package and tax credits.


A new radiant heating system from Warmboard aims to make installation easier for custom builders and life quieter for homeowners.


This Month in Custom Builder


Union is an industrial-inspired bath fittings collection from the UK-based brand Crosswater London


Collaboration holds the key to a smoother selections process that satisfies both client and builder

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