In My Own Words: Estes Builders

Kevin Estes of Estes Builders shares insight to some of the products they put into the homes they build.

September 01, 2006


Silestone by Cosentino

Through strength and a solid distribution network, Silestone is becoming the choice for countertops and vanity tops. Silestone by Cosentino natural quartz is durable and virtually maintenance-free.
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In My Own Words

"Silestone shares many of the same functional properties that make granite slabs a great countertop material. It is durable, heat-resistant, impact-resistant and comes in large sheets. Silestone requires no ongoing sealing — a big advantage. Since it is nonporous like granite, we feel it provides our customers with an easier and safer countertop. Silestone is also gaining name recognition with our home buyers, who appreciate the 10-year warranty."

Grace Construction Products Vycor Deck Protector

Even with today's treated and high-tech decking, preventing joist rot and decay from water accumulation under the decking boards remains a major problem. Grace Vycor Deck Protector is a unique solution to extend a deck's life.

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In My Own Words

"With the new highly corrosive method for treating outdoor wood, we needed a solution to protect deck hardware. We like the fact that Vycor Deck Protector provides a physical separation between deck hardware, like joist hangers and column bases, and the corrosive wood. The product is cost-effective and easy-to-install because it is self-adhesive and does not require special tools."

Plaster Mantles by a plus


Plaster mantles and fireplace surrounds by a plus feature noncombustible plaster, so it can, unlike wood, be placed directly onto the black surround of the fireplace, eliminating the need for an expensive marble, slate, rock or tile surround. One big advantage is greater detail at reduced cost, which makes plaster more affordable in upscale homes as well as in multi-family communities.

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In My Own Words

"A plus has a broad selection to fit many interior architectural themes. Not only do they provide a clean look, they are fabricated of non-combustible material. They accommodate many of the best known zero-clearance fireplace models. They have a pricing and distribution structure that works well with smaller volume builders."

Leviton Series 140 Media Enclosure

The Leviton structured cabling system is designed to organize and distribute connections throughout a home. Structured cabling connects each room directly with high- capacity Category 5e/6 and coaxial cable to a central enclosure, the Structured Media Center. This system manages and distributes voice, data, audio and video signals throughout the house.

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In My Own Words

"The Structured Media Center, which is included in our base specifications, provides us with a cost-effective media solution. We run phone and cable or satellite television lines to the panel for simple, central-outlet control. As a result, it is an easy process to upgrade to computer networking, multi-line phones, security cameras, etc., if the customer chooses."


MonierLifetile offers the industry's broadest combination of concrete roof tile colors, profiles and finishes, plus a broad spectrum of accessories designed to work together as a completely integrated roofing system. These products are made with advanced-technology manufacturing techniques, including computer-controlled wind-tunnel testing of the roof tiles, as well as testing for resistance to fire, hail and seismic activity.

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In My Own Words

"MonierLifetile has great product support. Their view is not just that of a tile supplier; rather, they supply and support a complete series of roof system components that result in great roof installations. The company's Madera collection is beautiful and has a Class A fire rating. The limited transferable lifetime warranty is hard to beat."

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