VR_rending_ of_a_kitchen

Virtual reality rendering by Radical Galaxy of kitchen to be built by Lochwood-Lozier

March 19, 2019

A next generation custom home builder takes a virtual leap to help clients see their future

March 20, 2019

See the creative results from the ultimate battle of backyard sheds

March 19, 2019

Understanding these basics will help you create better lighting transitions

February 01, 2019

A hidden library door gives this new custom-built house the quirkiness of an old home.

February 01, 2019

A place for books, wine, and paperweights

BGD&C Mudroom

Photos: Nathan Kirkman

January 31, 2019

Creating a home where children and adults can feel comfortable in all spaces


Illustration: Sergev Nivens/

January 31, 2019

We ask custom builders: If you could redo your first house or revisit the first years of running your business, what would you do differently?

Family_Room_by Lauglin_Homes_and_Restoration

Photo: Blake Mistich Photography

January 30, 2019

From a space to stow the Christmas tree to an island with cookbooks

January 30, 2019

Valuable insights Architect Robert Hidey gleaned over decades of residential design experience

BALA_Best in American Living Awards_Texas_Hill_Country_Ranch_Retreat

BALA winner Piebald Ranch, in Texas Hill Country, designed by Craig McMahon Architects. (Photo: Craig McMahon, AIA)

January 29, 2019

These three custom homes stood out in the Best in American Living Awards for their site sensitivity and attention to detail


This Month in Custom Builder


Fully automated indoor hydroponic appliance that allows anyone to grow herbs, vegetables, and microgreens right in their kitchen all year round without pesticides


A seaside retreat follows the Passive House standard to maximize energy efficiency

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