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2022 Custom Timber Home Building Outlook

A few of top tips from Mid-Atlantic Timberframes for working with timber frame providers, as well as what we’re seeing on the custom timber home building horizon for 2022.

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Mark Richardson: Coping with unpredictability

When things are unpredictable, our very basic levels of confidence and conviction are diminished. Mark Richardson offers proven ways to deal with the uncertainties in today’s business environment.

Best Practices

Strengths & Weaknesses

In 1989 Warren Bennis published ‘On Becoming a Leader’ which became a key leadership book. He stated that leaders “know who they are, what their…

Customer Service

Are you listening to your remodeling clients?

A recent experience got me thinking about how companies all-too-often fall back on financial incentives when dealing with an unhappy customer, yet…

Best Practices

Team roles

The Belbin team roles are used to help create effective and balanced teams.  Few individuals are strong in all of these roles, so ensuring you have a…


CB Jan 2012

5 Tips for Dealing With Difficult Clients | Custom Homes for Everyday Living

Best Practices

Lean Building Blog: What Lean isn’t

During an orientation recently with a room full of suppliers and trades for one of our “LeanPlan Workout” implementations, I was interrupted by a…

Best Practices

Ensuring that lean and six sigma projects are successful

The Lean Enterprise Institute surveys show that 36% of companies attempting lean give up the efforts. Customer Relationship Magazine cites 60% of six…

Best Practices

Do you care as a leader?

A key aspect of quality management is the importance we place on employees, valuing people. We spend a significant amount of time and money…

Best Practices

Innovation and creative problem solving

Being creative and innovative is something that is widely touted, but how do we actually do it? This may be needed for a particular issue during land…

Best Practices

Lean Building Blog: What to read on Lean

Today, a sharp young guy named Ryan wrote to me after seeing a Keynote Presentation I did at the recent BuilderExchange meeting in Las Vegas. Two-…

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