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Best Practices

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How to use information to become indispensable

This thing will change your life.   It may appear to be another timemarking commodity.  It’s not.   This clock not only…


Socialize this

There’s a new business buzzword spreading like Strep Throat. I’m betting it’s still in the early adoption phase, but these viral epidemics (pandemics…


Visualizing your future

This pottery is the future. OK, not the pottery itself.  What the pottery represents… is the future.   Our future.   …

Best Practices

The costs of not using quality: Are you willing to pay for quality in your business?

  Studies show that across industries Cost of Quality (Failure, Appraisal & Prevention) is: 2.6-4% of sales revenue. In the construction industry…


Gordon Gekko and the information imperative.

  Yesterday we revisited the information-gathering tactics of The Master of the Senate - Lyndon B. Johnson.       But when it…


What LBJ can teach you about the most valuable commodity.

  Early in Lyndon Johnson’s senate career, he lobbied for the title of Senate Majority Whip. The more seasoned senators chuckled.         Senate…


Do you have Cool Hand Luke Syndrome?

Why has high school Spanish failed so many students?      Let’s face it - foreign language failure is acceptable in America today. Yes, I know it’s a…

Best Practices

Consumers are Willing to Pay for Quality

  A report last year by the NAHB Research Center found that “increasingly, today’s homebuyers want energy-efficient, low-maintenance, well-…


Thinking outside the bun (and the punchlist).

  Pop quiz!   Since we know you didn’t study, we’ll keep it brief. Only two questions, graded on the curve.   Ok, ok, ok……


How stereotypes hinder effective communication… and clean cabinets.

  It was the typical Fourth Quarter Push.      We all knew the drill. Well, most of us did.            It was 2006, back before the meltdown. Back…

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