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Best Practices

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Best Practices

Cost of rework

In a recent study rework costs (including labor, materials, equipment and subcontractors) can run from 2% to 20% of a project's total contract amount…

Best Practices

Trade scorecards

Some things to consider when evaluating your trade partners and creating a scorecard include the following: Defects Their scores on customer…

Best Practices

Which Quality tools are most commonly used?

In a recent study the following quality tools were found to be the most commonly and successfully used: Identification and leverage of core…

Best Practices

The impact of Six Sigma

  In a new study on Six Sigma the savings to cost ratio ranged from 2.6 : 1  through to  2 : 1.  As for cost savings as a percentage of revenues, the…

Best Practices

A high level, 7 step process for improvement

Where to start with trying to address improvement. Here is a high level approach. Identify the area for improvement Establish your current…


Ideas for the upturn

Richard Dugas, the CEO of PulteGroup, did not want to throw cold water on the party, but he deserves credit for at least pointing out that housing…

Best Practices

Don’t create a bad impression with the simple things in sales!

  It is amazing how quickly we can create a negative impression in the most of simple ways. The danger can be not having perspective, doing what has…

Best Practices

What do you call someone who doesn’t purchase from you?

  An ambassador for your company! Just because you don’t close that sale doesn’t mean that you should disengage with that potential customer. All the…

Best Practices

Lessons from one builder’s ‘quality journey’

This year marks the 19th edition of the National Housing Quality Awards, the industry’s only recognition program dedicated to helping builders grow…

Best Practices

Metal Roof Defects and Quality Assurance

A roof can represent 10-25% of the cost of a building, 90% of improper installation procedures are covered from view upon completion of work and…

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