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2022 Custom Timber Home Building Outlook

A few of top tips from Mid-Atlantic Timberframes for working with timber frame providers, as well as what we’re seeing on the custom timber home building horizon for 2022.

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Best Practices

Leadership Reflections

Here is a simple exercise to help you reflect on your leadership. Make two lists.  One is headed, ‘leadership I respected and valued’, the other will…


Using strategic relationships to grow your business

A key area of business that many builders fail to master is strategic relationships. Mark Richardson offers tips for leveraging those around you to improve your business.

Best Practices

The ACORN test

The ACORN test is an easy to remember way to evaluate the charter of an improvement project. A  Accomplishment. Does the goal actually focus on…

Best Practices

What stories are being told about your business?

“The stories, apocryphal or not, that circulate in an organization reveal its devotion (or lack of it) to quality, and serve to inspire its people to…

Best Practices

Decision making

"What we hear too often is, don't confuse me with the facts, I know what I want to do." Bill Denney PhD

Best Practices

Data, lots of data, but what are you doing with it?

Technology has made gathering data so much easier. However, the problem is we can be overwhelmed by it. Surveys, stats, city, state and national data…

Best Practices

Just focus on your customer

The focus is the customer, it’s about their needs and wants. Sometimes when we try to improve our customer focus and we try to achieve a ‘wow factor…

Best Practices


Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a tool that can assist in identifying where your areas of risk lie and helps structure solutions. By…


CB May 2012

14 Ways to Maximize Profits | Mark Richardson: Coping with Unpredictability


14 ways to maximize profits

To be more profitable, custom builders must focus on efficiency and cost savings, while looking for opportunities to publicize their work and expertise.

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