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2 big lessons from Big Tuna’s (Bill Parcells) Hall of Fame speech


Sometimes numbers alone can tell the story of an organization’s leadership. 
Here is the Win/Loss record for…


Breaking comfort


Fast Company Magazine named Bryan Cranston - the main guy in…


Schnellenbergerize yourself


College football fans forget the Miami Hurricanes program was nearly dropped. No, not because of the cheating and lying and the 1995 SI…


Buy it now book recommendation: Ctrl Alt Delete by Mitch Joel


I’ve been enjoying the Chicago Blackhawks run to the Stanley Cup Finals. I went to a party last week where a friend, Bobby Krueger…


To get attention, B_R_E_A_K the pattern


Two teachers start their respective 8 am classes. 
Both classes have talkative students. 


Why you should embrace the Hispanic conflict


Shawn Coyne is a writing partner to Steven Pressfield. Mr. Pressfield wrote…


Leadership by the numbers: What’s yours?


Leadership is a numbers game. 
The equation revolves around how many people you can positively impact on a…


The feed vs. the hunt


My son is six years-old. 
It’s a fun age. 
Witnessing your progeny develop original thoughts on…


Rosetta Stone, relevance, and retention


Living in a small sliver of the language pie Rosetta Stone enlarged, we owe a debt of gratitude to the public company. Rosetta has been…


“We’ve done this a lot. You...as a group…are stupid.”



Last week I went to the Chicago filming of “America’s Got Talent”, the NBC show that accepts all comers who don’t make it on…

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