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Quality Management

Blogs related to Quality Management in Professional Home Building and Remodeling Business.

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Best Practices

Employee satisfaction, strategic awareness, and innovation

More employees quit their jobs and the dramatic impact of a new yogurt company! These two stories over the past few days reminded me of the value…

Best Practices

Servant leadership

Servant leadership emphasizes an increased service to others, a holistic approach, promoting a sense of community and the sharing of power in…

Best Practices

New product development

There are some characteristics that should be embedded in any New Product Development (NPD) process. This includes customer input, the involvement…

Best Practices

Quality is a companywide issue

Quality is not about tunnel vision, a focus only on the reduction of variation in production alone. Quality is no longer just about the product,…

Best Practices

The costs of not using quality: Are you willing to pay for quality in your business?


Studies show that across industries Cost of Quality (Failure, Appraisal & Prevention) is: 2.6-4% of sales revenue.

In the…

Best Practices

Consumers are Willing to Pay for Quality


A report last year by the NAHB Research Center found that “increasingly, today’s homebuyers want energy-efficient, low-maintenance,…

Best Practices

Design for Six Sigma

The Six Sigma methodology DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) is used to improve an existing process.  

Design for…

Best Practices

The number of responses needed for statistically valid customer survey results

It is critical to know what our customers think of living in the homes we build for them and what it was like to be involved in the design and…

Best Practices

Sources of quality defects in construction projects

A recent research study on quality in construction projects established the following Quality Problem Factors as the sources of quality defects.…

Best Practices

Cost of rework

In a recent study rework costs (including labor, materials, equipment and subcontractors) can run from 2% to 20% of a project's total contract…

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