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5 keys to being a good salesman by Jerry Jones

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5 keys to being a good salesman by Jerry Jones

March 8, 2013

In 2008 the Dallas Cowboys were the featured team on HBO’s Hard Knocks. Hard Knocks is the reality documentary series that takes you behind the scenes during an NFL training camp.

The Cowboys are owned by Jerry Jones. Jones is a billionaire showman who, apart from his face’s plastic surgery, has been incredibly successful at selling.   
The cameras were rolling as Jerry Jones talked to his team about the 5 rules of selling. 
"There are five keys to being a good salesman. Ask for the money ... and I've forgotten the other four."
You gotta ask for the sale. 
And hey - we’re all in sales. 
Maybe you’re selling an idea.
Maybe you’re selling a “complete home.”
Maybe you’re selling a shortened schedule. 
Maybe you’re selling lean building.
Everyone’s selling something. 
And you gotta ask for the sale. 
You can’t demand the sale.
You can’t decree the sale.
You can’t force the sale. 
Sometimes we forget this. 
If James can’t deliver scores above 94.2% on the customer satisfaction survey… we’ll find someone else who can.”   
Sales is a two-way street. 
Someone has to buy what you’re selling. 
You can’t just think about what’s in it for you.  
If you want to sell, someone has to buy. 
We’re all in sales. 
Think about the buyer. 
Then ask for the sale.
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