Elevators that Rise to the Occasion

Far from industrial, these elevators give homeowners a lift without squashing design.

July 01, 2008

Over the last few years, home elevators have come into vogue; they are a key element of universal design and convenience. These pages showcase elevators that are functional and fit seamlessly into the design of the home.

Photo: C.J. Walker

A dramatic entrance

This gazebo-like, wrought iron-detailed elevator cab is featured in this $5.4 million spec home constructed by Kurtz Homes. The home was designed by architect David Humphrey, who created quite a striking first impression when guests enter from the front doorway.

Photo: Dawn O'Conner

Space-age transport

A traditional elevator would have taken up too much space, so this vacuum elevator was a perfect choice for this home. The owners put the elevator in their dining room and made it a focal point, like a work of art. They left the original brick exposed on each side and designed the marble wall behind it as a compliment. The builder is Lighthouse Construction.

Photo: Inclinator Company of America

Easy kitchen access

This elevator is cleverly hidden behind what could easily substitute as a front entry or pantry door next to the kitchen. The interior cab captures the design of the kitchen's cabinetry (far right). And it's in a convenient location for lugging in groceries. Sanddollar Construction is the builder.

Photo: Inclinator Compay of America

Blended design

Elevator design can be highly customizable. This elevator's interior wainscoting is nicely interwoven with the pattern of the walls surrounding it. The closed elevator door matches the closet door next to it. Glenangus Homes is the builder.

Photo: Waupaca Elevators

Warmth of aged wood

This cab features rich walnut that blends with the exterior hallway wall's bird's-eye maple with walnut crosspieces. Builder Rice Enterprises continues the wood theme in this Appleton, Wis., home with the molded banister culled from the staircase of an old home in the area.

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