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Bradley Hartmann is El Presidente of Red Angle (www.redanglespanish.com), a Spanish language training firm focused exclusively on the construcción industry. Hartmann has been successful improving Safety, Productivity and Profitability by speaking Spanish on the jobsite. Hartmann lived in Guadalajara, México during his undergraduate studies and later earned his MBA. Hartmann also teaches Construction Spanish at Purdue University’s Building Construction Management Program. He has authored 2 books - Spanish Twins: Start Speaking Spanish on the Construction Site with Words You Already Know and Safety Spanish: Simple Spanish Skills for Solving Safety Problems. Hartmann would love to hear your thoughts digitally at [email protected] or verbally at 630.234.7321.

Breaking comfort


Fast Company Magazine named Bryan Cranston - the main guy in Breaking Bad and the dad from Malcolm in the Middle - the #8 most creative person in business. 


Breaking Bad is heading into its final season. If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, climb aboard. Have the the kids play in the street for a weekend and power through the series. It’s a trip.



In the Fast Company Q&A with Cranston, the subject of el futuro arose:



FC: Do you now just wait for the next script?



BC: I’m not much of a person who waits. I’m very fortunate that I’m riding a wave right now and opportunities are presenting themselves. But to let Walter White [his Breaking Bad character] go, I need to change the equation again. Go into an area I’m not comfortable in, that I haven’t been brought up in. The more I can change, the easier Walter White - the image and the character of him - can be allowed to go. 



FC: So what’s next.



BC: I’m going to do Godzilla.   



He’s serious too.



About not waiting. 

About the need for change.

About not getting comfortable.

About Godzilla, although I don’t think he actually plays Godzilla….



What about you? 

How comfortable are you?



What’s got you outside your comfort zone right now?



What goals have you set for the balance of 2013 that make you uncomfortable?



Using your language skills - regardless of how fluent you may or may not be - is an act of uncomfortableness.  






It’s easier to do what everyone else does.

Ignore it. 

Work around it. 

Call someone else and have them deal with it. 



Embrace the lack of comfort.



The emotion that swells up inside you when you opt to speak what Spanish you know is the exact same emotion that seals in the knowledge after it’s proven successful… or not



Either way, that emotion of raw discomfort helps you learn & retain the language.   




What would Bryan Cranston do?



What would Walter White do? 



Neither would wait. 

They have a bias for action.




Get comfortable in the coffin.



Push yourself here.




Ándale guey.

You’re not much of a person who waits either…. 

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