A Talented Guild

Donna Pedersen’s decree was that everyone involved with this home’s construction do his or her very best work.

February 01, 2001
There were no interior architectural drawings made for the home prior to construction, according to Pedersen. “We made all the design decisions collectively as we went along.” The creation of its groin vaulted hallways was a team effort. Its limestone walls were sealed with an antiquing finish that included chips of mica to give it a sparkling effect.


Donna Pedersen’s decree was that everyone involved with this home’s construction do his or her very best work. "We said, ‘Leave your unique touch on this home,’ even if it is where no one else may see it."

Pedersen and Ross’ desire for perfection made them very selective about who worked on their ambitious project. "We interviewed at least three subs for every industry, from the electrical contractor on up," says Ross. "We only wanted the best."

"Everyone provided standard quotes, and we made the choice of who to hire," says Pedersen. Unlike other showcase projects, "This project was not made up of donated time or materials," she says.

As the construction project progressed, team members became more personally involved. "We received tips on all kinds of techniques and materials that we may never have considered," says Pedersen.

"These days, there is a tendency to separate everybody out in residential construction," says architect Joseph Gorney. "You design a plan, pass it on to a builder, an interior designer, a landscaper, and at some point the focus of the project can be lost.

"In this case, Donna was there every day, and really established an atmosphere of teamwork. This made everyone feel that they were a part of something special and created a real sense of camaraderie."

"We still have people who worked on the home returning all the time to show it to prospective clients, as well and families and friends," says Peterson of the group of "tried and true" professionals assembled by Epiphany. "That they still take an interest in the project even after the work is done, is very unusual for this industry.

"We’re thrilled that they’re thrilled," she says.

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