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Affordable Housing

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Custom Prefabrication: Urban Sensation

Architect Brett Zamore, principal of Houston-based Brett Zamore Design, customized a modular/prefabricated plan to create a three-story modern manufactured home.


Building Blocks

Robert Humble has pieced together three facets of the construction industry to design, build, and develop in Seattle


Q + A: Happy Place

Architect Michael Lehrer on great windows, hand-built models, and builders with high emotional intelligence

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Affordable Housing

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  Jane McNamara is a tech-savvy CEO of a non-profit agency in Michigan. In February of this year, she bought a second home in Florida from Bonita…

Affordable Housing

The Affordable Zoning Paradox

Builders have long railed against inclusionary zoning, a popular municipal tactic that requires a number of homes in a new community be set aside for sale at below-market prices. Builders say it violates supply-and-demand common sense and yields less, not more, affordable housing. New research from the Los Angeles-based Reason Public Policy Institute bears them out.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Efficiency

Recycling and restoring 100-year-old materials costs time, makes money

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