Kitchen of prefabricated custom home

Prefabricating a custom home may seem counterintuitive, but building components indoors to standard specs allows for individual designs that accommodate unique sites and clients

custom builders and remodelers meeting better with advice from sales consultant and leader mark richardson

Sales leader and author Mark Richardson shares his advice for how custom builders, and leaders throughout residential construction, can improve the effectiveness of thier staff meetings

Stressed out man with laptop

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Even in a tight labor market, there are ways custom builders can stand out as the preferred company for their trades

Custom renovation

Paradigm Homes works with clients in the Northern Virginia, D.C., and Charleston, S.C., markets to transform existing homes with custom renovations.

As president and CEO of Paradigm Homes in Fairfax, Va., Tim Winter has become a go-to builder in the Washington, D.C. metro area, but his nonprofit endeavors connect him with a global community of industry professionals making a difference around the world

Pool side pergola

Poolside living is enhanced by a pergola that is artfully crafted, while promoting a defined setting around the sunken pool terrace. The airy lattice structure diffuses the sunlight and allows the breezes to flow. (Photo: Courtesy Deep River Partners).

Deep River Partners' Richard Sherer and Nicholas Blavat show off pool terraces bathed in sunlight and rustic fire tables.

Deck built on a slope

Making curves flow seamlessly with deck boards and transform into a work of art on the lighted glass railings.

Hybrid Architecture home

Hybrid developed, designed, and built Steel Stacks, a Cor-Ten–clad, four-unit residential building behind an existing small commercial structure (the black building in the foreground) in Seattle. (Photo: Rafael Soldi)

Robert Humble has pieced together three facets of the construction industry to design, build, and develop in Seattle

Prefabricated house exterior by Go Logic

Large expanses of glass required intense structural engineering and long spans of engineered lumber, especially in the kitchen. Sight lines extend from one side of the home to the other (Photo: Josh Gerritsen Media).

GO Logic's Alan Gibson studied prefabrication in Sweden and came to find he preferred the panelization approach over modular prefab for its flexibility.

Prefab custom home with sculpture stairway

A sculptural stair provides separation between the living and kitchen/dining spaces without compromising natural light or sight lines (Photo: Max B Photo).

 Architect Brett Zamore, principal of Houston-based Brett Zamore Design, customized a modular/prefabricated plan to create a three-story modern manufactured home.

razor-like folding forms gives custom home razor's edge its name

Contemporary custom home with views in every room that capture and celebrate the natural beauty of four mountain ranges.


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This Month in Custom Builder


Sales leader and author Mark Richardson shares his advice for how custom builders, and leaders throughout residential construction, can improve the effectiveness of thier staff meetings

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