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A compilation of HousingZone's articles, surveys, ideas, trends, and tips on leadership for residential builders, remodelers, and architects serving the residential construction industry.

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HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge Announces Forthcoming Resignation

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge has said that she intends to leave office later this month

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Floodproof on a Floodplain

An impressive addition to the IDEA Home series, the NEWLOOK Experience Home is a master class in engineering and creative design, with builder Michael Freiburger out-thinking an exceptionally tricky lot

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3 Questions Answered About Reliable Energy in Home Construction

Energy expert Bryan Cordill makes a case for why and how propane is an answer to growing concerns about reliability and resilience in home construction 


Custom Builder to Talk Color Design with Becki Owens at IBS

At this year's IBS, renowned designer Becki Owens will sit down with host James McClister, editor of Custom Builder, to discuss a variety of topics from basic color play in design to the Allura Spectrum palette, a collection of Sherwin-Williams colors curated for the benefit of pros


PERC Highlights Sustainability and Efficiency at IBS with 'Clean Build Conversations'

Hear from industry standouts Matt Blashaw and Anthony Carrino at this hour-long Show Village event


The Five Foundational Cornerstones

Business coach Scott Beebe shares insights into the often ignored business basics that could be the difference between long-term success and failure

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Start With the Why: Fundamentals of the Custom Builder Business

In our inaugural episode of Taking Care of Business, host and custom builder Duane Johns sits down with Scott Beebe, head coach and founder of My Business on Purpose, to talk vision, purpose, mission, values, and more


Why AI Is Now Key to Our Trade Partner Strategy

Thompson Custom Homes Business Manager Erin Day explains how AI became a crucial part of building and maintaining successful trade partner relationships


Thriving in 2024: Tips for Succeeding in an Uncertain Environment

Author and sales expert Mark Richardson shares his insights on the industry and how to rethink your approach to success in the new year


Register Today for the 2024 Under 40 Leadership Summit

Join young leaders from around the residential construction industry for a day of networking and education


Choosing Humanism, History, and Beauty Over Modernism

Celebrated architect Laurence Booth, whose career spans half a century, shares insights on modernism's flaws, the characteristics of beauty, his design process, and more


Finding the Intersection of Architecture, Design, and Film

In celebration of the 15th annual Architecture & Design Film Festival, we recently sat down with its director, Kyle Bergman, to learn a little bit more about how and where architecture, design, and film come together

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