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How Much Are Residential Building Companies Marking Up Jobs In 2023?

Benchmark your building company against its competitors by downloading The State of Residential Construction Industry (SORCI) Annual Report 2023…

Expert craftsman Chip Wade trusts ForceField® Weather Barrier System.

This versatile sheathing system is easy to install, allows for quick dry-in and can pass the test of time.

Give. Them. Wow-Factor.

The Savaria® Vuelift® panoramic elevator can take the homes you build to the next level. Luxury. Convenience. Lifestyle. Expectations? Exceeded.    

Introducing Accoya® Color Grey

Accoya Color Grey decking is colored throughout with a non-toxic grey pigment. It is highly durable, sustainable, and low maintenance.        

How Does Your Building Company Compare?

Are you adding more or less profit than your competitors?  The answer might shock you…      

How Much Cash Does A Building Company Need?

Don’t compromise your margin in order to get a deal over the line. Learn how much working capital you need.  

An Integrated WRB to Help Protect This Mountainside Residence

Chip Wade installs ForceField® Weather Barrier System on the sloped roof of his home, using an integrated WRB to help protect against the elements…
Project Management

Framing Floors for the Trades

Kicking off a series of updates that will span the complete construction of The House That Blues Built—a 4,000-plus-square-foot, high-performance…

5 Tips To Improve The Accuracy Of Your Estimates

Estimating is not just about the numbers on a computer screen, there is a lot more to it than that…    

Rachael’s Story: $300K to $3M.

Before Rachael joined APB, she was wearing all of the hats in her building company, and even with an MBA, didn’t feel prepared to operate in the…
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