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Project Management

HousingZone's multi-family articles, surveys, ideas, trends, and tips on project management for residential builders, remodelers, and architects serving the residential construction industry.

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Meeting Right: Maximizing Meeting Value

Sales leader and author Mark Richardson shares his advice for how custom builders, and leaders throughout residential construction, can improve the effectiveness of thier staff meetings

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Is A GMP Contract Right For You?

Guaranteed maximum price contracts require a true team effort and an open-book policy


Schnellenbergerize yourself

  College football fans forget the Miami Hurricanes program was nearly dropped. No, not because of the cheating and lying and the 1995 SI cover.  …


Why you should embrace the Hispanic conflict

  Shawn Coyne is a writing partner to Steven Pressfield. Mr. Pressfield wrote The War of Art, the most important book ever written for people…


Always deliver value

Your custom building clients come from all walks of life. But they have one thing in common: They are successful, and they have money. And more often than not, your clients are wealthy because they spend wisely.


How to use information to become indispensable

This thing will change your life.   It may appear to be another timemarking commodity.  It’s not.   This clock not only…


Design for failure

When I travel with my wife, or sometimes just run to the grocery, cleaners or hardware store, she frequently has to remind me, “Scott, remember, you…


Rented profits + 3.5 steps to reduce your risk.

  Do you know what the Spanish term for Profitability is?   It’s Rentabilidad.   RENTABILIDAD (rayn-tah-bee-lee-DAHD)…


Are you demographically delusional?

Remember the DeLorean?   If the name doesn’t conjure up an immediate mental image, this will: Remember the car from Back to the Future?  …


The Lean Builder Blog: Truck or trailer? What would Lean say?

The Lean Perspective is by no means limited to sticks and bricks issues on the construction site. When we talk Lean building we are really talking…

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