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Energy efficiency

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Improve Thermal Performance and Lower Costs

An optimized value engineered approach to framing kills two birds with one stone

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Green & Sustainable

Sustainability Pioneers: 5 Brands to Watch

These leading manufacturers are committed to creating a more sustainable future for the building industry. Here are the steps they're taking to accomplish that


Insider Advice on Talking Propane to Achieve Net Zero

Anthony Carrino, VP of design at Welcome Homes, says homeowners are doing their research before making Earth-conscious renovations.

Design Details

Design Details: Above the Fray

In a densely populated Seattle neighbor­hood, two adjacent infill sites were developed: The Lookout and Shake Shacks

Case Studies

Case Study: Zero-Sum Gain

Mixing energy efficient, net zero construction with custom-build home touches 

Affordable Housing

Chasing Affordable Zero

Is it possible to build net-zero energy ready affordable homes?

Energy efficiency

High-Performance Habit

Even though my wife and I undertook a whole-house renovation of our 1909 Victorian a few years ago, we’re already thinking about our next project. We…


Backstory: Logical Thinking

How a small architecture and construction firm in Maine became a leader in the prefab and Passive House movements

Green & Sustainable

Q + A: Designing a Sustainable Future

Stephanie Horowitz, of ZeroEnergy Design, talks about how builders and designers can dip into energy-efficient homes and embrace sustainable building


High-Performance Custom Homes: Systemic Sustainability in Cape Cod

This Cap Cod home achieves energy efficiency and high performance with common materials


High-Performance Custom Home: Putting Down Roots With the Dogtrot Barn

A custom home in Wyoming uses barn-inspired forms to express its agrarian heritage and ensure durability, while offering comfort and a healthy indoor environment for its occupants

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