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2023: A Year of Case Studies

A look back at the custom homes and craftsman details we spotlighted last year

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Space-Saving Helix Stairs for an East Village Apartment

These custom winding stairs in architect James Wagman’s 'Heavy Metal' project actually aren’t made from metal at all


Lateral Thinking for a Custom Vertical Fireplace

This one-of-a-kind fireplace takes modern design to new heights



A Mount St. Helens Retreat With a Grand Entryway

Situated on Yale Lake beneath Mount St. Helens, this neomodern vacation home is designed to look like a rustic mountain lodge, and central to that style is its vaulted entryway finished with natural wood and stone


Stepping Into Lake Minnetonka Luxury

This Wayzata Bay custom home features an arched portico entryway with a few unique architectural touches


This 2-In-1 Swimming Pool Isn’t What It Seems

A front-to-back walkway connects two swimming pools outside of this waterfront Florida home

Design Details

An Open-Air Balcony That Functions Like a Birdcage

The oceanfront porch on this Alys Beach home opens to expansive views of the Gulf Coast


A Lakefront Dock That Embraces Indoor/Outdoor Living

This screened dock on Hog Pen Creek in Austin, Texas takes its design cues from the home's numerous indoor/outdoor living spaces


Finding the Best Angle—a Lake Austin Dock Framed to Fit the Home’s Sight Lines

This two-tiered waterfront dock on Lake Austin was constructed on an angle to provide homeowners with the best views of the lake from every room in the house


A London Pub on the Lake

This custom home on Minnesota’s Lake Minnetonka incorporates the homeowners' love for London into its antique walnut bar

Design Details

Viewing Potential

This hillside custom home offers 360-degree views of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina

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