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A Selection of Products From Pro Builder and Pro Remodeler's Top 100 Products 2022


A Selection of Products From Pro Builder and Pro Remodeler's Top 100 Products 2022

A collection of new home products from some of the industry's leading manufacturers

November 30, 2022
Simonton dark window frames in the kitchen
This article first appeared in the CB Winter 2022 issue of Custom Builder.


AprilAire ­— Indoor Air System

AprilAire’s Healthy Air System suite of products for indoor air quality includes a MERV 16 air cleaner (shown), the E-100 series whole-house dehumidifier, and a whole-house humidifier working together to provide healthy indoor air solutions for homeowners.


AprilAire indoor air system

Watergen — Water Extractor

Watergen’s patented technology creates high-quality drinking water from humidity in the surrounding air. The Watergen home appliance is the first water extraction solution of its kind, the company says, requiring no plumbing and producing no plastic waste. Available in a variety of sizes for residential, commercial, and mobile use, Watergen’s Solar Genny model (shown), is powered by solar panels.


Watergen water extractor

Dark Frames, Simonton

Black-framed windows—a popular choice for exteriors—are now available as an interior option for Simonton’s DaylightMax window. The unit’s slim frame provides up to 40% more daylight, the brand says, while still maintaining maximum energy efficiency. Available for a range of customizable window options in select Western states only.


Simonton dark frames

LP — Structural Panels

The LP Structural Solutions portfolio of roof, wall, and floor panels includes WeatherLogic air and water barrier wall and roof sheathing, Legacy OSB subfloor panels, FlameBlock fire-rated sheathing, and the TechShield radiant barrier roof panel, all designed to “defend” against the elements so builders can build better and create more energy-efficient, weathertight homes, the company says.


LP structural panels

Sill Pan Flashing, Jamsill Guard

Jamsill Guard’s sill pan flashing product tackles a commonly leak-prone area: the corner. The flashing’s one-piece molded corner blocks these leaks before water can seep down into the framing and subfloor, while a sloped weep area directs water outside. The company says its product will not corrode or deteriorate over time.


Jamsill sill pan flashing

Bauco — Plus II Access Panels

Bauco Access Panel Solutions’ access panels sit flush to the wall or ceiling and use a mechanical touch-latch to open, so there is no visible hardware. A safety wire keeps panels from falling during installation. Panels come in a range of sizes from 6 inches by 6 inches up to 24 inches by 36 inches and are available for both 5/8-inch and 1/2-inch drywall installations. Insert panels can complement what’s around them by removing the inner leaf, adding a substrate, sanding it down, and finishing it to match its surroundings.


Bauco access panels

Big Chill — Retro Collection

The Retro Collection from Big Chill features modern kitchen appliances with sleek, vintage looks. Harking back to designs from the 1950s, the appliances come in more than 200 colors, including pastels and bright hues, and boast authentic chrome handles and trim. Big Chill’s Retro line includes stoves, refrigerators, ventilation hoods, a wall oven, a dishwasher, and an induction cooktop. Constructed of stainless steel, the 36-inch gas stove (shown, in Cherry Red) features six burners, automatic electronic ignition and reignition, and an oven burner rating of 30,000 Btus. Its 24-inch depth makes the stove compatible with standard kitchen cabinetry.


Big chill retro collection

Bellaforté Shake, DaVinci Roofscapes

DaVinci Roofscapes’ Bellaforté Shake now comes in the three colors from the company’s Nature Crafted Collection: Black Oak (shown), Aged Cedar, and Mossy Cedar, in addition to five other colors, three being offered with DaVinci’s Cool Roof technology. Cool Roof colors are premium blends designed to reflect sunlight and heat away, meeting the Title 24 requirements for California residents. These composite shake tiles are made to resist hail, impact, fire, and decay, as well as splitting, cracking, fading, and curling, according to the company. They’re also made to resist mold, fungus, algae, and insects. The high-quality, reasonably priced shake shingles come with a lifetime limited materials warranty.


DaVinci bellaforte shake

Moen — Local Mode for Flo

With Local Mode for Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff, contractors can protect against leaks in an ongoing project while they are off site. By connecting to the home’s main water line, the Smart Water Shutoff analyzes pressure and flow rate within the home’s water supply system to detect leaks or pipe bursts. If the Smart Water Shutoff detects a leak, it automatically shuts off the water to mitigate water damage. In Local Mode, the device only needs pressurized pipes and AC power to function 24/7.


Moen local mode water shutoff

AirShim Pro XL, Calculated Industries

Calculated Industries’ AirShim Pro XL Inflatable leveling tool helps contractors install and level cabinets, doors, windows, appliances, furniture, countertops, and more. Say goodbye to shims and pry bars, this powerful tool can withstand 500 pounds and its soft construction won’t scratch up surfaces. The company says the tool works well when contractors work alone and need to move or align bulky items. The inflatable tool can also be used to pry objects apart without damaging.


Airshim pro xl