Bath and Shower Indulgences

Relaxing after a hard day is easier than ever thanks to new luxuries in the bath and shower.

September 01, 2004


Jacuzzi's Summer Rain Ambient Air Body Dry System allows two people to shower simultaneously. At the end of the shower, jets emit warm air to help bathers dry.
Designed for easy installation in home, the Idrolux shower tans and purifies the skin as it cleanses.

Relaxing after a hard day is easier than ever thanks to new luxuries in the bath and shower. Products from companies such as Jacuzzi, Idrolux and MTI move above and beyond bathroom basics to bring the spa experience home.

Idrolux offers consumers the option of a tanning bed within a shower. Tanning while showering keeps skin cool and moisturized, while preventing dehydration. It is possible to use the tanning bed without the shower or shower without the tanning bed.

Jacuzzi recently introduced the Summer Rain Ambient Air Body Dry System that eliminates the need for a towel. This two-person shower features two different showerheads and adjustable body massage jets. Each person can personalize his or her end of the shower through a thermostatic control. Powerful air jets emit warm air, allowing bathers to dry quickly.

"The shower warms the air around you, so you don't get that whoosh of cold air when you turn the shower off," said Melissa Gosling, director of marketing for Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath.

In addition to relaxing while bathing, it is now possible to exercise, as well. The Jentle Tread by MTI offers an alternative to hitting the gym. This whirlpool uses passive resistance from water and powerful whirlpool jets to create a "no impact" workout.

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