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2022 Custom Timber Home Building Outlook

A few of top tips from Mid-Atlantic Timberframes for working with timber frame providers, as well as what we’re seeing on the custom timber home building horizon for 2022.

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Best Practices

Has risk management become a higher priority for you?

A Risk Management Benchmarking Survey in 2010 showed that 65% of businesses conduct no form of risk analysis prior to making major corporate…


Success through collaboration

When you look at your trade contractors, your suppliers, product distributors, what do you see? Are they a line item, an expense, a necessary…

Best Practices


Construction projects are complex in nature and prone to cost and schedule overruns. A significant factor that often contributes to such overruns is…

Best Practices

Lean Design Blog: One small item that can save you $100 per house

I catch myself from time to time spending money on things that I just don’t need to.  Whether it’s the cool action video I think I will watch after…

Best Practices

Flat empowered organizational structures

Flat, team based and empowered organizations have the potential to out-perform tall hierarchical organizations in most every competitive industry and…


Mark Richardson: The Power of Three

By mastering the techniques of the power of three, builders and sales professionals can save time and boost their close rate.

Best Practices

Grand getaways: two larger-than-life custom vacation homes

These vacation homes are anything but the stereotypical beach shack or cabin in the woods.

Best Practices

Like changing a wheel while the car is still moving

Process improvement can often be received with impatience and inflated expectations of its impact. One of the regular problems is that a particular…

Best Practices

Don’t paint yourself into a corner and create a negative work environment

Often managers set goals for employees such as a minimum number of units to be produced each week and once this is achieved on a regular basis, then…

Best Practices

Back to Basics: Checklists and clearly documenting errors to reduce costs

Checklists and audits may be one of the most basic approaches to quality but they frequently lead to problems of accurate data collection. A common…

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