DuPont Debuts Podcast About Residential Building Trends Featuring Industry Leaders

June 14, 2021
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Building products manufacturer DuPont has released a new education podcast focusing on discussing current and future residential building issues with builders, dealers, and thought leaders. 

Residentially Speaking, hosted by DuPont’s Alan Hubbell, released its first episode on May 3. Mark LaLiberte, co-founder and president of Construction Instruction, joins Hubbell in a talk about building science and its benefit to the industry. Bill Smithers, CEO of CBUSA, will be the second episode’s guest.

This podcast is one facet of DuPont’s new EDU HUB. EDU HUB will serve as an educational tool for those in the residential construction industry to advance their knowledge on building solutions through webinars, podcasts, installation videos, building-science training, and more.

In their conversation, LaLiberte points out, “100 Years is probably a reasonable expectation of how long a building that is built today should last. Homeowners put a lot of trust in builders’ knowledge of their trade and the science of buildings because of their title as a professional in the field. Buildings need to last throughout several changes of occupants and climate variations and that requires knowledge of three fundamentals; control the flow of heat, air and water in a structure. Understanding the science of buildings is essential if we want homes to be healthy, safe, durable and efficient.”

When asked why teaching people is important, LaLiberte comments on the variation of professional training that builders receive today – whether that be on-the-job, apprentice training, or more formalized construction education. He notes that builders don’t learn to build great buildings by accident, but rather they must be trained to do it. In his role with Construction Instruction, he interacts with builders across the United States to teach builders residential construction best practices and to help them incorporate good building science principles into their residential designs.

This conversation sets up a similar discussion on industry trends for the second podcast in the series featuring guest, Bill Smithers, CEO, CBUSA. In this episode, Bill shares his experience from the point-of-view of a builder in the industry. Residentially Speaking episode 2, with Bill Smithers is scheduled for release on June 17.

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