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Hidden Rooms: Hagstrom Builder

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Hidden Rooms: Hagstrom Builder

A small note from the homeowner comes to life 

By Peter Hagstrom December 2, 2022
hagstrom builder built a secret room per the homeowner's request
This article first appeared in the CB Winter 2022 issue of Custom Builder.

hagrstom builders secret room

On the plans for this whole-house renovation of a 4,500-square-foot rambler on Lake Minnetonka near Minneapolis, the architect wrote “trapdoor down to wine cellar” below the mudroom off the garage, and local custom builder Hagstrom Builder made it happen. Grout lines demarcate the perimeter of the 3-foot-by-5-foot trapdoor. Pressing a button on the wall engages a motor that raises and opens the trapdoor to reveal a spiral staircase built by Bo Jacobsson of Bold Metal Work, in Minneapolis.

hagstrom builder secret room

As the trapdoor opens, a railing—required for safety and code compliance—unfolds. An infrared light initiates a halt to the operation if something is atop the trapdoor or if someone is coming up the stairs. Engineering calculations included the weight of the doors, the 12-inch square slate floor tile, and the joists on the doors’ underside.

hagstrom builder secret room staircase

The staircase ends in a 250-square-foot cigar and wine tasting room within a 1,500-square-foot basement. An existing steel beam and the staircase’s main post are the primary structural components. The room includes custom cabinets (one of which contains the humidor) and a wine fridge. A fan above the fridge exhausts air to the outside. During colder months, a 30-amp make-up air unit sucks in fresh air, heats it, and blows warm air into the house to maintain indoor comfort.

Peter Hagstrom is the owner of Hagstrom Builder

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