CB August 2000


Outdoor spaces are more than just an add-on feature in today’s luxury home market -- buyers are demanding them as an extension of their floorplan. And in order to work well with the entire home, these spaces must have the right design, features and mat...

You and I both know it -there are as many different types of custom and small volume builders in the market as there are houses. I like to think there is a builder for every buyer, and some deserve each other more than others.

There is little that isn’t changing in our world today -- a trite but nonetheless true statement. I got a firsthand look at just how much has changed -- and how fast -- when I tried to help my fourth grade daughter with long division.


This Month in Custom Builder


Union is an industrial-inspired bath fittings collection from the UK-based brand Crosswater London


Collaboration holds the key to a smoother selections process that satisfies both client and builder

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