CB December 2001


At some point, luxury home builders should invest outside their companies. Most entrepreneurs invest solely in their own businesses at the outset, and any profits generated are reinvested for business expansion (or business survival).

What could be more invigorating than a soak in your spa or a dip in your pool? How about the knowledge that the energy needed to run that spa or pool is being created by your own energy system on your property?

A few generations ago people went to the icebox to grab what they needed. Now, iCEBOX LLC is hoping upscale kitchen users will do so again — but to grab information, not food.

A serpentine contraption of galvanized steel is designed to shorten the process of plotting curved walls, arches, winding staircases and barrel-vaulted ceilings.

The American garage is where bands are born, family cribs and rockers are given new life, and old trash awaits its transformation into treasure. It is also, occasionally, where the car is kept.

For Warren Sirzyk, president of Renaissance Development Corp., this 14,800-square-foot Southern belle in Atlanta’s desirable Buckhead community was his first venture into the challenging but rewarding task of constructing a “showcase” home to not only ...

Even with the recent shakeout in the dot-com world, the Internet remains a great communication tool. Whether that communication is with clients, employees or the entire team, a builder can increase efficiency by integrating applications that utilize th...

Across the country, custom home builders have been returning to the architecture of the past, to familiar forms that resonate so strongly with clients.

Custom home builder Scott Sevon’s goal was to turn as many people as he could green after they toured his latest project, Millennium II, a spectacular showcase house in Glen Ellyn, Ill., a suburb west of Chicago.

When it comes to constructing a show house, custom builder Gary Striegler can’t say enough about the value of teamwork.


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Union is an industrial-inspired bath fittings collection from the UK-based brand Crosswater London


Collaboration holds the key to a smoother selections process that satisfies both client and builder

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