CB July 2007


This rock-solid custom home defies the volatile climate of coastal South Carolina while exceeding the expectations of both the homeowners and long-time residents of Sullivan’s Island. The coastal home, reminiscent of the cottage style, has a friendly exterior in scale with its surroundings.

Thankfully, through a combination of scientific research, hands-on experience and the harsh lessons of Katrina and her ilk, the industry is learning to do a better job of building in such places. Smart design is a big component.

Linda Bridges of Atlanta-based Venture Homes tells readers about the products that Venture Homes likes to use in their housing developments.

Here are six roofing design ideas you can use for inspiration.


This Month in Custom Builder


Union is an industrial-inspired bath fittings collection from the UK-based brand Crosswater London


Collaboration holds the key to a smoother selections process that satisfies both client and builder

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