CB September 2011

High-End Green Homes | Finding Balance in Business | Faucet and Fixture Products


TOTO's Vivian high-efficiency faucets offer a timeless, elegant design, with a curved spout and cross handles and polished-chrome finish.

The Sozo Bath is Diamond Spas’ answer to water conservation, without sacrificing luxury. The stainless-steel bathing vessel is designed with tapered inside walls to minimize the amount of water used.


Big, expensive custom homes don’t have to be wasteful of energy and other resources, as long as builders educate themselves and their clients about green features and technologies.

The high-tech, fast-paced nature of today’s business environment has many custom builders feeling overwhelmed. Here are a few simple tips for finding some balance in both business and life.


This Month in Custom Builder


Sales leader and author Mark Richardson shares his advice for how custom builders, and leaders throughout residential construction, can improve the effectiveness of thier staff meetings

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