Negotiating Dos and Don'ts for Home Builders

This is a helpful list of tips that home builders can use when they're negotiating with clients

March 01, 2009

Joe Pusateri isn't just the owner and president of Elite Homes; he also coaches people on their negotiation skills. Pusateri offered these tips to International Builders' Show attendees in his session, "The Art of the Deal," in January:

DON'T give away anything for free.

DO make sure there's a tradeoff. Always ask for something in return.

DON'T argue. People get defensive when they're arguing.

DO agree and empathize with clients' feelings, then turn the discussion around to negotiate a solution.

DON'T accept the "hot potato." That's where buyers give you their problems, e.g. they can't go above a certain price.

DO challenge it to see if it's valid: "If I can show you the perfect home but it's $350,000, do you still want to see it?"

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