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In Business: Modern Design, Compromise, and Money

Custom builder Zane Williams opens up about what it takes to maintain his architectural vision, from handling clients and staying true to his fluid style, to the importance of transparency and how a slush fund avoids awkward conversations mid-construction

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Business Evolution

As years roll one into the next, successful businesses evolve to reflect changing market conditions. The December issues of the newsstand business magazines all include articles — most likely cover stories — on how to prepare for prosperity in the New Year. The message: what worked in 2004 must evolve — change — into a new business strategy to ensure the same level of su...


A House Without Right Angles

Architect Matt Schlueb, principal of Schlueb Architecture, recently designed his own home in Pittsburgh, Pa., with virtually no right angles. Villa Vuoto features 2,600 square feet of living space, three levels, and simple and compounded curves, sloping walls and circular rooms. Designed to provide a stimulating environment for the architect's young son, the project was a prototype for explorin...


Creating a Community Theme

A sense of place matters just as much to luxury home buyers as the details of the floorplan and the quality of the finishes. To deliver on this desire, custom builders can borrow a page from their production builder counterparts. Here Terry Smith of architecture firm Bloodgood Sharp Buster gives a quick tutorial in creating a community theme.


Insurance Woes Top Concern List

The price of general liability insurance and the ongoing shortage of carriers willing to write such policies for builders pushed these issue to the top of NAHB's annual critical issues surveys. On a scale of one to five, where one equals not at all critical and five equals very critical, general liability insurance cost scored 4.


Up in the Canopy

One tends to equate Florida with palm trees, but for Home & Condo magazine's 2004 Dream Home in North Naples, Fla., the landscape architect thought oak trees - eight live oaks.


Planning For Profit

Profit. A misunderstood word if there ever was one.

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