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Understanding Your Biggest Competitor

You may not think of yourself as a tour guide, therapist, doctor, marriage counselor, or investment advisor. But those are the skills custom builders need in today's market

Custom Builder

The Power of Stories

At the 2023 Jeff Shore Sales and Marketing Summit, we sat down with author, speaker, trainer, and home building sales expert Ryan Taft to explore his thoughts on storytelling, including its role in successful sales and relationship building


Strength in Numbers

Buyer co-ops are trying to do more than just find rebates for home builders.


New England Know-How

Caleb Johnson masters designing and building


Portfolio Building

Side jobs that started as busy work during slow times or a new niche with growth potential can broaden a custom home builder's portfolio.


A Think Tank for Builders

When Heather Dosch joined a Builder 20 Club during spring 2012, she and her husband, Kevin, were in the midst of transitioning their company, John F…


How To Be A Better Customer

Building material suppliers say collaborative builders are their favorite clients.


Josh Wynne Construction: The Wynne-Win Way to Building and Design

If you believe that a custom-built home should speak the local language, then on the Central Florida Coast, that new construction would express a…


Farinelli Construction: The Concierge Builder

Nineteen in-house carpenters enable Farinelli Construction to satisfy central Pennsylvania's desire for handcrafted home building.


Building It Like Production

Steve Neary was at a crossroads of sorts when the recession started. The president and owner of Copperleaf Homes could continue building a dozen or…


Custom Home Building: Getting What You Pay For And More

Marnie Oursler has two full-time employees and an incentive compensation plan structured so that meeting the schedule is the primary driver. Her…


Custom Home Building: World Class Team

As we begin to see more opportunities for growth, the focus of many businesses is changing. During the recession, businesses survived by being…