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Case Studies

Various case studies on Residential Projects, and Products in the Residential Remodeling and Building industry.

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Floodproof on a Floodplain

An impressive addition to the IDEA Home series, the NEWLOOK Experience Home is a master class in engineering and creative design, with builder Michael Freiburger out-thinking an exceptionally tricky lot

Case Studies

The House That Blues Built

Fourth-generation custom homebuilder Albert Cummings knows a lot about two things: building a high-performance home and performing the blues. See where the two meet in The House That Blues Built

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Case Studies

How Rachael 10x Her Building Company Using APB Systems

APB Member Rachael Boyer is the President and CEO of The Home Authority, based in Minnesota, the United States. She has operated her building company…

Case Studies

Custom Prefabrication: Weather Proof

GO Logic's Alan Gibson studied prefabrication in Sweden and came to find he preferred the panelization approach over modular prefab for its flexibility.

Affordable Housing

Custom Prefabrication: Urban Sensation

Architect Brett Zamore, principal of Houston-based Brett Zamore Design, customized a modular/prefabricated plan to create a three-story modern manufactured home.

Case Studies

Custom Prefabrication: High-End From Factory to the Bay

Prefabricating a custom home may seem counterintuitive, but building components indoors to standard specs allows for individual designs that accommodate unique sites and clients

Case Studies

Waterfront Homes with Sustainable Sites & Classic New England Charm

To mitigate environmental impacts in the development of their waterfront community, Hammock’s Construction Company worked with Unilock to…

Case Studies

A Net-Zero Home Mixes Modern Performance & Traditional Aesthetic

Kolbe’s triple pane Forgent® Series windows and solar panels helped achieve net-zero goals. | Photo © Spacecrafting Building Green Nestled into a…

Case Studies

Case Study: Opening Up a Former Apartment Building

The architects of a San Francisco home arrive at a smart solution to address the problem of a missing backyard

Case Studies

How A Builder Went From Working 70hrs/Week To Having 30 Staff

Sponsored Content APB Member CRC Builders Quail Ridge Build. Napa, California. APB Member Jim Pitcher founded his building company in 1994. CRC…

Case Studies

Chicago narrow home gets upwardly mobile

Sponsored Content From floors to skylights, glass is a key theme of this residence, and the clear acrylic hoistway and cab of the Vuelift fit right…

Case Studies

Case Study: Zero-Sum Gain

Mixing energy-efficient, net zero construction with custom-build home touches 

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