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OSHA's Preliminary List of 2023's Most Frequently Cited Standards in Violations

Fall-related violations continue to plague the construction industry despite ample free education and resources 

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Data & Research

Case-Shiller: home prices up for the fourth month in a row

The S&P’s Case-Shiller Home Price Indices data through July 2011, released Tuesday, showed a fourth consecutive month of increases for the 10- and 20-City Composites, with both up 0.9 percent in July over June.


Federal mortgage loan program may fall short of goal

A federal program to provide temporary loans to homeowners struggling to pay their mortgages will probably fall short of its goal.


California Marine base to become a residential development

Irvine, Calif., officials last week granted final approval for the development of up to 5,000 homes on the old El Toro Marine Corps base. The development has a 10-year timeline and includes more than 500 affordable-housing units.


Data & Research

Housing starts fall, but building permits climbed

Housing starts dropped 5 percent to a three-month low, while building permits, a proxy for future construction, unexpectedly climbed.

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What I learned about the future of housing

You know that phenomenon where you hear a reasonable sounding, logical guy armed with facts that presents an convincing analysis of a problem and his…


David Weekley Homes acquires builder T.W. Lewis, enters Phoenix market

David Weekley Homes, the nation’s third largest privately held home builder, has acquired luxury home builder T.W. Lewis and its Phoenix market assets.


Census report: More 'doubled-up' households impacting economy

More people are living with family members amid high unemployment rates and a slow economy, but while the phenomenon is keeping the poverty rate lower, it has wider negative economic consequences.


Obama’s job-creation bill includes $15 billion for rehabilitation of vacant, foreclosed homes

President Barack Obama’s prime-time address on jobs didn’t focus much on housing, but it would create a $15 billion fund to get construction workers to rehab vacant and foreclosed homes and businesses.

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Ashton Woods to complete Orlando townhomes

Ashton Woods Homes wants to finish the partially completed ­Copley Square townhome development south of downtown Orlando that has lain dormant for the last three years.

Data & Research

America’s three housing markets

The recent housing crisis has made many Americans more conscious of the gap between homeowners and rents. The nation's housing market has been split into three distinct segments: homeowners with mortgages or loans on their property; renters; and people who own their home outright.

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