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OSHA's Preliminary List of 2023's Most Frequently Cited Standards in Violations

Fall-related violations continue to plague the construction industry despite ample free education and resources 

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Data & Research

Report: Foreclosures don't significantly reduce housing consumption

Despite the recent flood of foreclosures on residential mortgages, little is known about what happens to borrowers and their households after their mortgage has been foreclosed. A new study looks at the post-foreclosure experience of U.S. households.


Accelerate the foreclosure process to save the housing market, experts say

If the Obama administration really wants to save the housing market, it should speed up the foreclosure process – not prolong the inevitable.

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10 transformed neighborhoods

With help from the American Planning Association, Forbes hand-picked 10 neighborhoods once down on their luck where money, politics, and time have successfully transformed the areas into bona fide hot spots.


White House looks to strengthen housing market

The Obama administration is considering further actions to strengthen the housing market, but the bar is high.

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NAR: It’s a landlord’s market

Multifamily rentals are still booming, with apartment landlords among the only commercial property owners able to sign new tenants amid the sluggish economy.

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8 markets where buying is cheaper than renting

Home prices have dropped so dramatically and demand for rental units has increased so much that it's now cheaper to buy a two-bedroom home than to rent one in most major U.S. cities.

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Home listings decline in July

The number of homes listed for sale continued to decline in July, falling by 1.2 percent from June and nearly 18 percent from one year ago.

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Housing market index holds steady in August

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reported the housing market index (HMI) held steady August at 15, the same level as in July.


Obama looks to preserve role of government in mortgage market

President Obama has directed a small team of advisers to develop a proposal that would keep the government playing a major role in the nation’s mortgage market, extending a federal loan subsidy for most home buyers, according to the Washington Post.

Data & Research

Western rental markets to boom

According to John Burns Real Estate Consulting, there will be solid rent growth in the United States over the next five years.

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