CB Spring 2020


Fully automated indoor hydroponic appliance that allows anyone to grow herbs, vegetables, and microgreens right in their kitchen all year round without pesticides

New gas residential tankless product line with X3 Scale Prevention Technology extends the life of the unit three times beyond traditional tankless products

Combines iconic design with technical innovation such as automatic open and close, auto flush, odor extraction, and a seat sensor

Each piece is sandblasted, deep-cleaned, and zinc-plated twice for corrosion resistance, resulting in hardware pieces weighing up to 5 pounds.

The Viper is a 0.8-gallon-per-flush (gpf) toilet that will save 50% more water than the national standard 1.6 gpf

The 36-inch dual-fuel range features two gas burners, two induction hobs, and sous vide technology

Crafted by Italian artisans, Native Trails debuts the Murano Collection 
of glass vessel sinks

Pop-out glass unit that creates additional indoor space and gives homeowners more access to light

A garage-door opener with an integrated wide-angle, high-
definition smart camera—the first opener of its kind, according to LiftMaster

Transform a tired incandescent bath fan into an efficient LED light featuring a Bluetooth speaker


A seaside retreat follows the Passive House standard to maximize energy efficiency

Builders should know what leverage and protection they gain and lose when considering alternative dispute resolution techniques

Joanna Lily Wong’s feng shui principles and designs embrace luxury, without sacrificing practicality or creativity

For Janet Brooks designing powder rooms is the icing on the cake, providing an opportunity to be a little outrageous.

Two very different adaptive reuse projects show off the hurdles and rewards of turning nonresidential buildings into custom homes

Adaptive reuse of a former wine bar in a commercial building to an urban loft

See how a notch became a clever detail for this custom-made kitchen island/table that accommodates a companion bench

The powder room can be the jewel box and the most unexpected space in a home

This next-gen leader is using her research and analysis to lead Kimberley Development into its most profitable years

Green builder writes about crossing the chasm from building sustainable homes with one-off, pilot technology to attaining broad market penetration 

FALL 2021

This Month in Custom Builder


The French luxury switches brand Meljac has developed a new solid brass collection in collaboration with Australian designer Marc Newson.


The HS300 whole-house HEPA filtration unit is designed to be installed directly onto the return air plenum of forced air heating/cooling systems.

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