Striking Details by B. David Levine

Details are the thread that tie environments together

Kitchen backsplash by B. David Levine

Photos: Mark Parry

April 16, 2018

B. David Levine photo

B. David Levine

B. David Levine Design

Los Angeles

The most minimal of details can add to a room’s personality, much as a well-chosen piece of jewelry does on a person. In this space, a rustic river-rock fireplace requested by the client, custom built-in bookshelves against the far wall, and cabinets providing storage for tableware near the center of the space contribute to the warmth and solidity of the great room

Great room with built-in chest by B. David Levine

which is further expressed by the dark-wood beams, molding, and staircase

Winding wood staircase by B. David Levine

 Situated in the basement of a vacation home, this temperature-controlled wine cellar (3) is clad in stone veneer and uses 100-year-old reclaimed roof tile from France on the floor.

Wine cellar with roof tile floor and stone veneer walls

Designed to resemble an ancient wine cave, it houses three wine refrigerators flanked by custom-designed wooden wine racks.

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