Striking Details by Jay Parmeter

The right attention to detail can connect modern with log cabin rustic.

Bulasters on the balcony deck of a Golden Eagle log cabin home

Photos: Courtesy of Golden Eagle & Timber Homes

April 12, 2018

Jay Parmeter photo

Jay Parmeter

Golden Eagle & Timber Homes

Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.

With the right attention to detail and design, the charming, rustic, natural elements of a log home can partner beautifully with modern amenities. In this New Hampshire home, we incorporated a modern kitchen without compromising the bucolic aesthetic of the logs.

log cabin bath by Golden Eagle & Timber Homes

The open floor plan and thoughtful spaces seamlessly blend modern elements while preserving the exposed natural architectural features.

log cabin kitchen and family room by Golden Eagle & Timber Homes

The color scheme is purposefully simple, letting the logs inside and the views to the outside be the focal points.

log cabin game room by Golden Eagle & Timber Homes

This home features 10-inch-diameter eastern white pine logs in combination with wood harvested from the property. 

log cabin home by Golden Eagle & Timber Homes

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