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7 Appliances That Provide Just the Right Pop of Color

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7 Appliances That Provide Just the Right Pop of Color

Stainless steel may be a fan favorite, but colorful appliances can give a project a personalized touch.

By Annie Cebulski April 8, 2020

Is a client asking for a blue range or a red refrigerator? The knee-jerk reaction might be to steer them away from their favorite color to a traditional stainless steel model, but a unique appliance color can create a chic, modern look that lets a client’s style shine

It is true that stainless steel reigns supreme and it most likely will retain its crown for years to come. The Houzz Kitchen Trends Report found that the stainless steel finish is the most popular by far, followed by black stainless steel and white, respectively. But the report also found a rise in bold backsplashes paired with the more tame palettes of cabinets and appliances. Some companies who have dedicated colorful appliance collections are seeing that shift toward vibrant accents in the kitchen spilling over into their court.


Yellow Bertazzoni stove top and oven


“Kitchen design in recent years has proliferated to a larger spectrum of personal tastes and preferences when it comes to cabinets and countertops, thus providing an opportunity for the protagonist range to make a powerful design statement with color,” Valentina Bertazzoni, head of the company’s design and branding, says. According to Bertazzoni, companies who specialize in colorful appliances have seen growth rates twice the average for the rest of the industry.

Increasingly, more consumers feel the desire to express their personality in their homes, but Bertazzoni also attributes the increasing interest in eccentric finishes to a wider range of available colors and the fact that bold finishes are more affordable today than they were previously.


Orange Bill Chill dish washer

If a designer wants to bring colorful, retro appliances into the kitchen, the Pro Dishwasher by Big Chill comes in 10 colors. Clients can also choose a custom color for an extra fee and longer shipping time. The dishwasher has a stainless steel interior and sound reduction technology.

Marco Guerzoni, marketing director and product development for Forza, an Italian appliance company that sells in the U.S., also notes an uptick in interest in the color niche. Forza launched a warm color palette in December of 2019 and later unveiled a blue range at KBIS 2020.  “If you are cooking, you are creating art and your surroundings should inspire and elevate your art,” Guerzoni says. “Bold colors are fun and fearless and reflect a person’s unique style, although with stainless steel we find that the industry will often cycle back since it fits with any décor.”



In a 25.25-inch footprint, this 36-inch Designer gas range by Verona features a soft close oven door, dual convection fans, and an analog thermometer. The range also comes in classic stainless steel, black, gray, and white.

“There's been a boom with VRBOs and vacation rentals that people are buying and using that as a business,” Creamer says. “In those houses, everyone wants those to stand out, so you’ve got color and design that are really popular with those customers.”

Using a colorful unit as an accent is one thing, but going all out on a kitchen can be overwhelming and quite frankly, has the potential to end in disaster without careful planning. Choosing the right design and colored appliance can help a kitchen achieve a unique, customized, but it’s important to lower the risk of it looking dated, Bertazzoni says.


Pink Bluestar french door refrigerator

Customization is king at BlueStar. Clients can choose from over 1,000 colors in their “Build Your Own BlueStar” program. The counter-depth french door refrigerator and freezer combo has adjustable glass shelves, large-capacity drawers, and LED lighting and digital display.

“Builders can ensure that appliances will withstand time by either pairing bold colors with classic designs that won’t go out of style and fit within a variety of aesthetics, or by specifying classic confident colors such as orange and red,” Bertazzoni says. “That way, they serve as the anchor for the space regardless of future trends or updates to the kitchen.”

If a builder wants to go all out, Creamer recommends using a reputable designer who can work with eccentric colors such as lilac or salmon. “Paler colors typically are easier to dip your toes in the water, but doing a kitchen in all red really requires someone who knows what they're doing,” Creamer adds. “I've seen designers use colors that I wouldn't think would be great, and they were done really well.”


Pastel green colored Hestan range hood

The 36-inch Island Range Hood by Hestan comes in 12 colors as well as custom wood panels. A removable blower enables consumers to clean parts easily, and its blower speed automatically adjusts based on temperature levels.


Blue Viking double oven

With a two-speed convection system that enables interior fans to spin in both directions, Viking Range says that their 30-inch Electric Double Premiere Oven heats food evenly without applying direct heat from the top or bottom of the appliance. The oven is available in 21 colors.



Red Forza 36-inch range

This 36-inch range by Forza features six high­-efficiency full-brass burners and is available in seven colors, including a red, blue, orange, and yellow. Its extra wide racks give consumers extra space when cooking.

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