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Advice from industry experts for how to run your business, based on the real-world experience of your peers.

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Five Key Spokes of the Business Bike Wheel

Much like a bike wheel depends on its spokes to work effectively, a business depends on its various departments to find success in the market. 

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Lean Builder Blog: Do operations still matter on the West Coast?

I have spoken at PCBC, the big West Coast building conference most of the past 15 years and I always enjoy it. The event has been very well-run,…


Lean Design Blog: Okay, okay, I guess second floor laundries are just kind of stupid

The title of this blog is tongue in cheek (or maybe foot in mouth) as a follow up to a blog I wrote a while back titled, "Second Floor Laundries are…


Lean Building Blog: How to get ahead in home building by really trying

My son Tyler (second of 4 children), age 29, is taking a new position with a homebuilder after having two good building industry jobs in the past,…


CB May 2012

14 Ways to Maximize Profits | Mark Richardson: Coping with Unpredictability


14 ways to maximize profits

To be more profitable, custom builders must focus on efficiency and cost savings, while looking for opportunities to publicize their work and expertise.


Mark Richardson: Coping with unpredictability

When things are unpredictable, our very basic levels of confidence and conviction are diminished. Mark Richardson offers proven ways to deal with the uncertainties in today’s business environment.


CB Jan 2012

5 Tips for Dealing With Difficult Clients | Custom Homes for Everyday Living


CB March 2012

Vacation Homes | Mark Richardson on The Power of Three | Closing Strategies

Best Practices

Lean Building Blog: What Lean isn’t

During an orientation recently with a room full of suppliers and trades for one of our “LeanPlan Workout” implementations, I was interrupted by a…

Marketing & Sales

Lean Design Blog: Authentic elevations and the salesperson’s story

I had the pleasure of meeting and having dinner with Charlie Scott the other night. Charlie owns a very successful national consulting firm called…

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