CB March 2006


 Florida classics inspire California architect’s courtyard design for Gulf Coast gem.

History credits the famous architect Le Corbusier with the phrase "God is in the details." He was offering a more positive affirmation of the old proverb, "The devil is in the details." While I generally have a positive attitude, I believe custom builders are going to find this year that the devil really is in the details.

 Old World style for the young at heart.

Even-flow is a hot management concept among production builders. Big, publicly-held Giant builders are even embracing the idea, despite those behemoths' well-earned notoriety for forcing large numbers of houses into production all at once — to boost closings at the end of each quarter, in desperate efforts to impress Wall Street.

With no financial benchmarks, small volume builders often repeat the same mistakes. Here are tips for targeting a bigger profit, without selling out.


This Month in Custom Builder


Union is an industrial-inspired bath fittings collection from the UK-based brand Crosswater London


Collaboration holds the key to a smoother selections process that satisfies both client and builder

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