CB Spring 2019


Fotile's V and W Series range hoods were designed to eradicate harmful cooking smoke.

The new profile is the Danver's first horizontal wood-grain finish

The Eir features a heated seat and a touchscreen remote with intuitive, hands-free open and close functionality

Artistic enamel design inspired by Sicilian puppet theater and the traditional hand-painted cart

The tone-on-tone neutral and eggplant-hued offerings aim to modernize a traditional style.

Bertazzoni’s Heritage Series range is crafted as part of a celebration of its six-generation history in the category.

Häfele America's three new wine storage products were designed for flexibility and style.

Blade is a pure expression of design reduction


Tudor-style home with central stone fireplace in the pool house

Four experts explain how paying attention to cash flow can help keep builders from robbing Peter to pay Paul

Hidden tension rods float this terrazzo staircase

A builder's new ideas for tackling sourcing, sustainability, and other industry challenges

Pyramids, Doric columns, and a dialogue framing the pool and its terrace

A next generation custom home builder takes a virtual leap to help clients see their future

See the creative results from the ultimate battle of backyard sheds

Understanding these basics will help you create better lighting transitions

FALL 2021

This Month in Custom Builder


The French luxury switches brand Meljac has developed a new solid brass collection in collaboration with Australian designer Marc Newson.


The HS300 whole-house HEPA filtration unit is designed to be installed directly onto the return air plenum of forced air heating/cooling systems.

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