Master Suites by Shanna Lin Kerr

Focus on the client to design spaces that are deeply personal like the master suite

Master Suite designed by Shanna Kerr
June 18, 2018


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Shanna Lin Kerr

S M Design Associates

Santa Ana, Calif.

The key to design is to understand the client: their wants, desires, aesthetic, how they entertain, how they live, and how they would like to live. These intimate details create a portrait of the client from which we build our design for spaces that are deeply personal, such as the master suite.

Master-bedroom-designed-by-Shanna Kerr

We are often asked about design trends, which are important from a resale point of view, but this perspective is always balanced with our understanding of the client.

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Whether the preference is for something as simple as facing the bed toward a spectacular view instead of a wall or TV, as common as having a cozy retreat from a bustling and growing family, as trendy as providing separate his and hers master baths, or as complicated as creating the perfect spa-like bathroom with a freestanding marble tub, our approach is always the same: Focus on the client.


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