Meditation Room by Sue-Jolie Rioux and Tim Boylan

The meditation room and occasional spare bedroom uses cork, copper, crystal, oxygen scrubbing plants, and a cooler color palette to create a calming ambiance.

Meditation room by Tres Jolie Maison

Photos: Courtesy Tres Jolie Maison

December 17, 2019

Meditation-room Sue-Jolie-Rioux-Tim-Boylan

Sue-jolie Rioux and Tim Boylan

TrÈs Jolie Maison, Chicago, Buffalo, N.Y., and Naples, Fla.

This room most frequently serves as a meditation space and occasionally as a spare bedroom. The design marries organic elements with functional pieces to create a calming ambience.


Cork—a natural, renewable resource with sound-dampening properties—covers one wall to keep the room quieter. Copper paint infused with real copper, for its energy-enhancing properties, covers the arched window trim. A cooler color palette helps lower the heart rate and slow breathing to induce calmer sensations in the body. 


Plants in the room increase oxygen, filter toxins from the air, and bring nature into the space. Because the room is also used for frequency therapy and meditation, a combination of ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic crystals in the space counteract excess electromagnetic field radiation from multiple devices, especially under the television. A vintage Persian rug in soft blue, mocha, cream, and gray tones grounds the room and creates a welcoming aesthetic.


The desk’s feminine lines, paired with a more masculine leather chair, make the space multifunctional while visually showcasing the energetic balance. A combination of wood, glass, and metal earth-tone pieces add to the organic vibe while keeping an open, airy feel. 


Finally, the daybed, upholstered with raw linen and carefully adorned with a combination of patterned and colored pillows complement the rustic leather and aluminum aviator chair, lending whimsy to the space, as one should never take oneself too seriously.

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