Specialty Rooms by Carrie Long

Home library study with intricate wood work designed by Carrie Long that holds more than 2,000 books and the wine room that displays bottles laying down and standing.


Photos: Beth Singer

December 17, 2019


Carrie Long
Carrie Long Interiors, Royal Oak, Mich.

This beautiful study holds more than 2,000 coffeetable books ranging in subject from cars and planes to art and architecture. 


The intricate woodworking starts at the floor, continues through the bookcases, and connects across the ceiling for a dramatic effect. The plush club chairs invite you to take a seat and stay, while the stately desk is meant for getting some serious work done.


This wine room maintains the overall tone of the home—modern and elegant with a mix of dark hues throughout to evoke sophistication. Created with the discerning taste of a wine connoisseur in mind, the space allows for regular visits from the homeowner’s personal sommelier, who keeps the room stocked and brings special bottles for holidays and celebrations. The bottles are displayed both horizontally and vertically, so labels can be easily read, with additional boxes stored above and below the shelves.


The room includes a custom serving station to efficiently sample wine while enjoying the space.

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